High-alpine ski feeling not far from Vienna, which can be experienced (almost) every spring: a real delicacy for steep channel freaks...


Analysing terrain data

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If you look from the chair lift in Losenheim towards Schneeberg, you will immediately notice a striking gully that still has snow even in late spring, when the flowers have long since bloomed on the ski slope: this is the Lahningries.

The lower part of this gully runs out in a wide gravel field, its upper section is rocky, narrow and very steep.

A good level of patience and mental strength is also required for an ascent through the gully, as it is not unusual in late spring to have to carry your skis well over the Grafensteig up over gravel and boulders on your back.

Therefore, there should also be people who set up a private ski depot in the mountain pines below the Lahningries for a few weeks at this time of the year, in order to save themselves the trouble of carrying them back and forth...The experience of a firn steep descent that suddenly leads from the plateau of a Viennese house mountain into the depths, with a view of green fields and meadows down in the valley and at a time when the open-air swimming pools in the town are already open, that's only possible in the Langermann auf der Rax - but compared to the Lahningries it's somewhat flat. LVS, shovel, probe and the usual ski touring equipment are included in every backpack: Rain, cold and sun protection, first aid package, sufficient liquid and a hiking map of the region.

For the ascent through the Lahningries, crampons are also usually required.

A rockfall helmet is highly recommended.