The spring ski tour on the Schneeberg with downhill over the Krumme Ries is a tour for advanced ski tourers and needs good assessment for snow, orientation and weather. Once the entrance has been found and the conditions are right, then the pleasure is safe!


Analysing terrain data

5 - 6









The ascent over the Fadensteig and the descent over the Krumme Ries is a very rewarding spring round for experienced ski mountaineers.

The ascent along the piste is usually not so problematic anymore, because in spring the lifts are already closed and you are more lonely on the way again.

The Fadensteig requires knowledge of the area, as the markings are still buried under snow and the Fadensteig is the only way through the Fadenwand.

At the plateau one can orientate oneself well and usually recognize the way to the fisherman's hut well.

The entrance is right at the hut into the Hüttenries and then right in the direction of travel to the boiler of the Krummen Ries.

Here you can choose the entrance to the Ries according to the snow conditions.

The GPS track alone does not help here, it is already alpine intuition necessary.

All in all a very rewarding tour! LVS device, shovel and probe are standard.