A short loop through the forest of Collserolla.


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This short loop following the two Muralla China trails is located just on the other side of the ridge from Barcelona.

While it isn’t far from the city, being on the backside of the ridge and away from the more touristy area on el Tibidabo does help keep this trail a bit quieter than some others in the region.

The route as mapped here begins at the top of the funicular, but there are many different ways to access La Muralla China. La Muralla China Loop mostly contours along the mountainside, with small climbs and descents providing a moderate workout.

You won’t climb or descend any major hills, making this a relatively relaxing run in the woods.

Unfortunately, since this run doesn’t summit the ridge, you won’t get to enjoy many expansive views of the area.

Every now and then the trees open up a bit, providing glimpses of the beautiful national park around you, but generally this run feels like its deep in the forest in the middle of nowhere. The trail tread itself is very narrow singletrack snaking between the trees and along narrow sections of bench cut.

While occasional root and rock sections must be negotiated, overall this undulating trail is quite smooth and free of challenge. If you find a rare moment when you have the trail all to yourself—perhaps early in the morning or late in the evening—this woodland run could provide a meditative ramble through the mountains.