A classic itinerary in the northern Brenta Dolomites which regularly offers some fantastic skiing thanks to the northerly exposure.


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



This itinerary doesn't take you to a true peak but rather a mountain pass named the Bocchetta dei Tre Sassi.

The route winds its way along the foot or the north-east face of Cima Vagliana which acts as a watershed between the Gelada valley and the area of Grostè and its ski-lift facilities.

The popularity of this area is also due to the regularity of the slopes which are all quite challenging yet never too steep. For all ski-mountaineering activities, the proper apparel is strongly recommended.

Skiers must bear in mind that temperatures can dip quickly and garments should also be suitable for snowy conditions (such as waterproof Gore-Tex jackets).

Furthermore, gloves, cap, sun glasses and sun cream should also form part of every off-piste skier's basic gear.It's also important to bear in mind that tight fitting or insufficiently waterproof ski boots can cause frostbite.It's also COMPULSARY to carry with you an avalanche rescue kit consisting of avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel (this is also available for rent).a suitable helmet and other safety equipment are also strongly recommended (avalanche airbags etc.).

in the case of hard snow cover or ice, ski crampons are recommended.