Network of trails along bluffs and beaches with whale-spotting opportunities.


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Just a short distance from metro LA is this coastal nature reserve, set aside for hiking and conservation of rare species.

It’s on a peninsula that juts toward Catalina Island, and the deep-water channel in between is a common route for dolphins and whales to swim through.

If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of them in the water below. The trails begin from Trump National Golf course and weave along hillsides overlooking the ocean.

In a few places, steeper trails descend to meet the beach, where you’ll find a mix of sandy and rocky shore.

The route mapped here is only one possible loop in the network of trails within the reserve. Beginning from the trailhead parking on La Rotunda Drive, you’ll at first walk paved paths along the golf course, but soon leave the manicured grass for natural vegetation and wilder views.

It’s important to stay on the trail in order to protect the fragile habitat and avoid unstable clifftops, but the established trails reach quite a variety of views.

The scenery is especially good in the spring when the foliage is green and flowers are in bloom. The trailhead has free parking and restrooms.

Another free parking area with more amenities can be found at the clubhouse on Ocean Trails Drive, connected by paths through the golf course or along the coast.

Note that dogs on leash are allowed on some trails, but not all, and are not allowed on the beach. Sources: