Classic tree skiing in a beautiful valley









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Kühtai is Austria's highest altitude ski resort and can feel - at times - a rather barren place where you would not expect to find good tree skiing, but this line goes to show that first impressions are not always correct.

Start by riding the Hohe Mut Bahn chairlift and then ski north-west down a track, hugging some rocks on the left.

Where the rocks become a little more broken turn left and pick a way through them.

In anything resembling a good snow year there is an easy ramp which leads through the rocks but in a lean winter, it might be slightly tricky to navigate.

Once off the ramp there is an almost endless selection of tree lines to choose from, all of them laid out beneath you and waiting for you to ski them.

The line drawn here is merely a suggestion of where you go so start out with this route (which follows a vague gully) and then explore further afield on the next lap. Wherever you go the skiing is fast, flowy and pure Type 1 fun.

When the trees run out, turn right and ski down to a cross country ski track.

Turn right on the track and follow it to where it bends right and goes uphill.

Follow it up (either by skating or taking your skis off and walking) and continue along it to the main road, which takes about 10 minutes to reach from where you initially hit the track.

Walk back along the road to the foot of the Hohe Mut Bahn lift and go for another lap!