A great bang-for-your-buck loop with well-built singletrack.









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For such a quick loop that’s so easily-accessible from downtown Finale Ligure, this combination of Briga Express to Briga Right is extremely rewarding! Begin your loop ride by grinding up the pavement to gain the top of the Bric Briga ridge.

It’s a stiff 1,000 feet of elevation gain, but the grind goes by pretty quickly.

Once on top of the ridge, there are a number of different trails that you could descend, including Briga, Briga Left, Briga Express, and Briga Right.

The combination mapped here, Briga Express to Briga Right, is the most difficult option… but it’s also the most attractive.

While Briga Express can be tricky in spots, it’s the newest trail in this zone, meaning it’s more bike-optimized and entertaining than some of the nearby historic trails. The drop into Briga Express begins by flowing through a stand of tight trees, but the trail soon steepens into a tight, twisty descent over cascading rock gardens, roots, and sharp scree.

After a few tight switchbacks, the trail bursts out of the trees onto an exposed mountainside, offering gorgeous views of the nearby cliff faces… if you can take your eyes off the chunky trail. After passing through the small village of Verzi, the singletrack resumes on the Briga Right trail.

Here, the grade mellows out considerably, with the ride turning into an up-and-down trail ride instead of a steep enduro-style bomb.

While a bit of pedaling is required, the benchcut trail here is to die for! A few sections are visually stunning, and one particular rock slab feature is well-worth sessioning a few times.

All too soon, you’ll find yourself back in Finalpia, wondering how long it’d take you to pedal back up the pavement for a second lap...