A pretty novel ski descent which involves hucking off a dam!









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There are not many ski runs which require skiing down the front face of a dam so this is rightly something of a local classic. The run starts at the top of the Hohe Mut Bahn chairlift, from where you need to ski east down the piste for 20 metres and then branch off right, holding as much speed and height as possible as you ski into a small bowl. Take your skis off, put them on your shoulder and hike for 5 - 10 minutes south-east up the bowl to reach a large, flat col overlooking the utterly spectacular Finstertalspeicher lake.

Put your skis back on and make a steep and slightly awkward short descent down to the dam at the northern end of the lake.

Pole along the dam and then, when you've found a spot you like, drop north off it! The key to dropping off the dam is to do it with a bit of speed - trying to do it slowly will likely remove a large chunk of your ski bases! Once onto the face of the dam, make a few turns and then drift left into a vague gully formed by the edge of the dam wall. If there is insufficient snow (or bravery) to drop off the dam, it's possible to access the top of the gully directly. Once in the vague gully, follow it as it opens and mellows into some fun, playful terrain.

Ski down this, picking whichever line looks best, into the wide valley beneath the DreiSeenBahn lift cables.

Follow a pisted jeep track back into the resort.