A classic ski-tour up to the impressive Gaishorn summit (2247m).


5 - 6









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Starting on the outskirts of Tannheim, this ski-tour actually begins in the Austrian Tyrol but takes you up to the border with Germany, on the ridge up to the top of Gaishorn.

The panoramic views from the top are an incredible reward. Start by heading out of the car park, due East, and cross over the cross-country skiing track, You will proceed up through the woods, following basically the same trail as the summer hike.

The route is mostly a gentle incline, with a couple of steep sections, but nothing too challenging. You emerge from the forest to an open bowl that gives you views of Zirleseck, Rohnenspitze, Zererköpfle, Schnurschrofen and eventually Gaishorn. There are lots of different line choices in the bowl, just be wary of not going too close to the steep sided cliffs if the avalanche warnings are high. There will typically already be skin-tracks up to the summit that you can follow, but if you are making fresh-tracks, then proceed up the north face where you can make a decision to stick left up a steep and narrow final section to the ridge and summit, or head further right and come out on the ridge just below Gaiseck.

This ridge has a tendency to be wind-loaded so ensure you have checked the avalanche forecast and made a good risk assessment before making this final ascent. On a good snow day, the route down is super fun and you have an unlimited choice of lines to take your pick from.

There can even be some pillow sections in the trees!