The Sportloipe trail in Untertal isn't the most technically difficult, but it can rightly claim to be the most beautiful route for "skating" fans in our region.


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Flanked by steep mountainsides on both sides of the valley, it begins at Gasthof Tetter and takes you in a series of big loops through romantic Tettermoor until shortly before the Waldhäuslalm (Sunday day off in winter - except at Christmas and Easter).Interrupted several times by short sections groomed for classic XC skiing, at about the same elevation as the Jagdhaus the skating trail now continues straight, past Gasthaus Weiße Wand.

to a small bridge by the Angereralm (no gastronomy).

After crossing the bridge, you will discover a challenging trail in the area of the Angereralm tracked for skating, including climbs and downhills, before the trail brings you back to the original trail at the bridge.The special appeal of this trail is the incomparable beauty of the winter landscapes, including the meandering Untertalbach stream, along with trees and bushes draped in beautiful ice crystals.

This extraordinary XC skating trail is ideal for all fans of outdoor sports. Skating equipment