The Sertigtal-Loipe offers cross-country skiing pleasure surrounded by forests and mountains such as Mittaghorn or Plattenfluh. Charming: the Walser village Sertig and the small mountain church.


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The starting point of the route is Davos Frauenkirch.

The trail follows the wild Sertigbach on the right side of the valley, mostly slightly uphill.

The Sertig mill is reached through the lower Äbiwald forest after a good two kilometres.

The route now passes numerous Walser settlements, while the valley continues to open up.

After about six kilometres the highest point of the tour follows at Felabach.

A gentle descent takes you past Sertig Dörfli with its striking little mountain church.

The Sertig is regarded as a region of Switzerland worthy of special protection.

Snow-covered pine and larch forests stretch up the mountain flanks; peaks such as Mittaghorn, Plattenfluh and Hoch Ducan form an impressive backdrop.

The last few hundred meters of the trail are slightly descending and end at the finish Sertig Sand.

The way back to Davos is the same - or you can opt for the post bus, which takes the athletes back to Davos comfortably via Clavadel.