An out-and-back hike to a stunning glacial lake.


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Tucked away in Fitzpatrick Wilderness, Lake Louise offers an easy day hike to one of the Wind River's stunning glacial lakes.

Along the way, you'll even pass a massive waterfall cascading through the canyon, runoff from the lake itself. There are plenty of options for parking at the trailhead, including space for larger vehicles, RVs, or trailers.

Be sure to plug in the GPS coordinates far before you arrive, since cell reception disappears soon after leaving the paved highway.

Vault toilets are also available, and camping is possible nearby. The first several minutes of the hike are on the New Glacier Trail, and then you'll keep left at the junction with the Whiskey Mountain Trail.

At the junction with the Lake Louise Trail, take a short detour to the left to view the aforementioned bridge and waterfall.

After snagging a photo, return to the last trail junction and continue up the Lake Louise Trail as it heads up into a canyon. According to, this hike averages 90 minutes to the lake, and 45 minutes return.

Though it climbs a total of 1,400' over the 4-mile trek, the path is well-maintained and a great option for the entire family—including the dog. Sources: