Medium difficulty (orientation) snowshoe hike over the very beautiful Dachstein plateau. Partly cross-country, partly along marked ski routes, it goes through cropped, somewhat unclear terrain. Three peaks are climbed. Sometimes endangered by avalanches.


Analysing terrain data








The karst plateau north of the Hohe Dachstein is a wonderful spot for technically easy snowshoe tours.

Views sweep over the Salzburger Land and the glaciers and rock castles of the Dachstein summits.

To call the area a snow desert in winter is certainly not completely wrong.

Away from the ski routes marked with poles, orientation through the cropped, unclear terrain is a real challenge.

If visibility is poor, navigation along the marked ski routes may become impossible.

The fact that steep slopes often have to be observed from an avalanche viewpoint is hardly apparent from the map.

Although the Dachstein map has as a special feature a 10m distance between the contour lines, the inclination of the multitude of small slopes with areas larger than 20m x 20m is very difficult to measure from the AV map and must be examined on site (visibility!). Snowshoe touring equipment with complete avalanche beacon equipment.