Quick cardio on the stairs or the trail to an overlook of the city.


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Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a public park on 500-foot-tall Baldwin Hill, which spectacularly overlooks downtown LA and the entire Los Angeles Basin.

Its the classic view of city skyline with a mountain backdrop.

The park is also a restored nature sanctuary, with grasses, trees, and wildflowers covering the hills.

It’s an especially beautiful run in spring, when yellow blooms crown the hilltop.

Any time of year can be good for running here, but midsummer heat is hard to avoid because open hours are only 8am to sunset. Many visitors drive to the overlook and visitor center on top of the hill, where parking is $6.

The better way to do a run here, however, is to find free 2-hour parking along Jefferson Blvd, or run from elsewhere, and take the hill from bottom up.

You can also reach the park via public transportation. From Jefferson Blvd, the dirt trail starts immediately uphill and switchbacks steadily to the top, with great views over grassy slopes the entire way.

The other way to the top is the staircase.

While the trail takes a meandering and less-steep route, the stairs intersect all the switchbacks to punch straight up the middle of the hill.

The route mapped here goes up the trail and down the stairs, but you should choose whatever variation best suits your workout. Sources: https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=22790 https://www.nps.gov/samo/planyourvisit/baldwinhills.htm