The hut ascent runs along a snow-covered mountain road, which is also used as a toboggan run. Later, after the Gasthof Bergheim, beautiful winter paths and winter paths follow.


Analysing terrain data








As soon as we have left the country road behind us, only the calming splash of the Fotscher Bach can be heard.

The south facing sun floods the valley and makes the snow and the stream sparkle.

A water throttle jumps from stone to stone and dives into the clear mountain stream for food.

What a contrast.

Just now in the hustle and bustle of road traffic and now the silence of the valley.

We quickly gain altitude on the forest road, which is also used as a toboggan run.

At the turn-off to the Alminalm we put on our snowshoes and do the big LVS check.

The further ascent through the mountain forest on the snow-covered forest road (snow cover approx.

50 cm) up to the Alminalm (1.700m) is quickly done.

We walk along a protection zone for red deer and cloven-hoofed game.

Many hoof tracks are to be seen, however no deer or stag can be seen.

A rest at the refuge of the mountain rescue does now good.

The sun warms the walls of the alpine hut.

We follow the instructions and turn into the ascending slope up to the Schellenberg.

In windings it goes through mountain pines and alder groves.

The sun sinks behind the Widdersberg and Kastengrad.

wind comes up and it becomes immediately sensitive cold.

The temperature soon reaches the southern plateaus in front of Schellenberg and at the peak of 2,176 m we meet the path to Sömen and Roter Kogel.

Two more small waves and we are already above the hut.

The slope of 24 - 28 degrees it goes down serpentines.

Michael Schaffenrath and his team are already waiting for us with dinner.

Half board with soup, main course, dessert and an extensive breakfast buffet is recommended. Snowshoes, LVS, probe, shovel and bivouac bag.

Sticks with big plates.

A mobile phone and GPS device is used for Firm high shoes best trekking shoes.

Hiking socks, gaiters, long warm mountain pants, jacket with lining, rainwear, warm sweater or fleece jacket, winter hat / winter gloves, long winter underwear.

In addition: sunglasses, glacier goggles, sun hat and sunscreen from factor 20, glacier cream for lips, small pharmacy for personal needs, washing clothes and towel, drinking bottle min.

1 l, hut sleeping bag, (blankets will be provided), torch / headlamp, touring provisions e.g.

muesli bars; dried fruit; waffles; snack bread.

Do not forget your DAV badge, if available.