An iconic loop through the Monte Caprazoppa trail system.


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Monte Caprazoppa rises sharply above the town of Finale Ligure, forming an imposing ridge that divides Finale Ligure from nearby Pietra Ligure.

While you might have a hard time imagining it when looking up at the steep mountainside, the entire ridge is covered in a dense network of singletrack trails that's perfect for mountain biking! The route mapped here is just one loop through this trail system.

It utilizes the ever-popular Bondi Trail to access the final descent down the Xmen Trail.

Bondi swoops and flows along at a mellow grade, with mostly-smooth red clay singletrack occasionally punctuated by steep drops and rock gardens.

Trails branch every which way in this trail system, and there are almost no trail signs or blazes to speak of.

If you do happen on a trail blazed with a red diamond, congratulations—you're on the right track! Eventually, you'll reach the descent down Xmen. The upper section of Xmen flows down the steep mountainside through a series of tight, old school berms.

As the trail drops lower and lower it gets more and more technical, eventually turning into sharp, exposed switchbacks, oftentimes with rock drops halfway through the turn.

The lower section of Xmen is by far the most technical portion of this route, but even if you don't enjoy the gnar, the gorgeous views of Finale Ligure are worth the effort alone. Eventually, the challenge comes to an end, and you'll splash down on the edge of Finale Ligure and the Mediterranean Sea.

You can't beat washing off a hard ride with a quick dip in the sea!