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From Aspen, the trail starts over snow-covered mats uphill towards Moosgaden.

Parallel to the ski slope one climbs steadily towards the edge of the forest.

A snow-covered forest road leads to the lower part of the Itramenwald forest.

At the point.

1338 Vorsassi, the trail branches off towards Holenstein and Brandegg.

From point 1338 Vorsassi, the trail continues along the snow-covered forest path through the Itramen forest.

After about 1.5 kilometres you reach a clearing in the forest near Unterbrand.

Away from the forest road, the snow-covered mats are climbed in pleasant bends.

At the top of the forest edge you meet the forest path again and follow this now almost level path into the area of Waldstafel and then up to the middle station Holenstein. We recommend the following equipment: sturdy and waterproof mountain boots, light to medium backpack, protection against cold, sun protection, hiking poles, pocket pharmacy, snacks, tea in thermos flask, mobile phone.