Enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean on this short hike.


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For being such a short hike, this loop offers up absolutely incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, the small village of Varigotti below, and the beautiful Italian mountains sloping down to the sea.

To reach these views, begin from Varigotti and climb quickly up the mountainside.

While the initial climb may feel steep, with only 574 feet of climbing over the course of the entire hike, this short loop is achievable for most people.

After the initial climb, you’ll reach the Balcone trails.

The main feature of this hike, the Balcone trails traverse across the mountainside above Varigotti and the seashore.

Most of the hillside is covered in low shrubs, affording you expansive views in all directions! The trail along the mountainside climbs and descends at intervals, but all of the elevation changes here are very brief.

Some sections of the trail feature embedded rocks, but all of the obstacles are relatively easy to hike over or avoid.

After traversing along the mountainside, this short loop brings you back down the hill to your starting point in Varigotti.

If you want a more ambitious adventure, you can always hike higher into the hills.

While some of the higher trails are heavily traveled by mountain bikers, the scenery is still spectacular!