A two-trail top-to-bottom combination that incorporates the classic Cromagnon descent.


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This two-trail combination runs from the Base Nato shuttle drop all the way down the mountain. Sentiero H is yet another “berm-packed track” in the flowy Base Nato zone, [according to](https://www.singletracks.com/mtb-trails/worldwide-shredlist-finale-ligure-italy-or-whistler-by-the-sea/) local mountain bike journalist Brian Gerow.

Dropping a short ways down the mountain, it quickly reaches a dirt road where you could catch a shuttle back up… or, you can opt to continue further down to reach the valley floor. After finishing Sentiero H, a few short trails weave around the pavement, allowing you to bypass most of the paved riding.

Keep an eye out for trails dropping off the road for some fun side hits! Lower down, this run picks up the iconic black diamond Cromagnon trail.

Often used as an EWS stage, the portion of the trail that runs beneath a toppled rock slab appears is a photogenic spot that you’re likely to recognize from a lot of race coverage. Cromagnon is big on the rocks.

From slippery rock slabs to rock gardens, ledge drops, boulder fields, and tight rocky switchbacks, this trail is all about hammering through the chunder.

In some spots, the race line requires significant drops to straight line the trail, but if you’re not charging at race pace, it’s easier to piece together a less intimidating run.