A flowy top-to-bottom trail beginning at Base Nato.


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While most of the trails beginning at Base Nato only run a short way down the mountain, Ingegnere is a delightful exception to this rule, essentially forming one long, continuous top-to-bottom run.

To reach Ingegnere, pedal along the ridge and then drop in to the right.

Local mountain bikers characterize Ingegnere as “flowy.” And it is a relatively flowy trail with swooping turns, mellow grades, and a few delightful berms… for the most part.

By European standards, Ingegnere is definitely flowy, but you should still expect plenty of slippery root webs, high-speed rock gardens, drops, and jumps—basically, good ‘ole fashioned mountain biking! Ingegnere splashes through a few streams on the way down and is also located on a shadowy side of the mountain, making it a little darker and wetter than some other trails in Finale Ligure. As the trail descends, the grade gets a touch steeper, with the final plunge down to the road dropping through a steep section of trail that alternates between classic singletrack and freshly-built flow features (as of the time of this writing).

The newly-built features bypass around a brutal (and not very fun) fall line chute.

The constant metamorphosis of the trails in Finale Ligure signals the locals’ seriousness about mountain biking, both as an economic driver and a way of life.

Collectively, the shuttle services fund two full-time trail builders, and the guides and shuttle drivers pitch in on trail maintenance and improvement when the weather is too wet to run shuttles. The riders in Finale don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk!