The owl meadows with their light larch forest and the marshy, sunny Gleinser mowers offer nature-loving snowshoe hikers a wonderful circular hike with countless wooden huts and are rightly signposted as a natural site.


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From the Gleinserhof we walk past the last houses of Gleins on the road, which then becomes a forest road, towards the southeast.

1471 m after about ¼ hours we turn left towards Eulenwiesen.

Through the forest it goes slightly uphill and after two hairpin bends only slightly uphill quite long straight ahead until we reach the light larch forest of the owl meadows, 1710 m, after two more hairpin bends and about 1 hour walking time.

Over the extensive hilltop of the owl meadows we finally reach two small huts, the Eulenwiesen-Stadl, 1695 m, slightly descending.

Here it goes down to the right (beware, straight ahead it goes over to Maria Waldrast) to the Gleinser Mähdern, 1618 m, in a large flat valley.

At a small private hut with bench and tables we turn northwest and hike over the long stretched valley floor.

At the end of the mowing area, 1617 m, we come back to the owl meadow path, which takes us down to a forest path, 1530 m, with signposts.

On this barely descending path we get back to the junction Eulenwiesen and finally back to the starting point.