A panoramic ridge hike high above InnsbruckThe Kögele is a small elevation on the ridge to the Roßkogel. This snowshoe hike at the gates of Innsbruck impresses with its magnificent views of the deep Inn Valley with the Karwendel Mountains in the northeast, the impressive limestone birds in the southeast and the mighty Roßkogel in the west.


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From the small parking lot in St.

Quirin - where there is a tunnel of the earthquake warning service ÖEW - we walk a short distance back towards the road and turn left onto the Waldsteig, following the signpost to Roßkogel.

Passing a private hut, you take a few hairpin bends, then a hollow path and a clearing along a wooden fence steeply up through the dense forest to the weather cross, 1539 m.

We continue our ascent through the forest and soon the wonderful view into the Inn valley opens up for the first time.

Passing an orientation stone, 1594 m, we finally reach the forest line and the two small huts of Meils, 1700 m, through a young forest.

Along the young trees or the fence we follow the wide ridge uphill and after a total of almost 2 hours we reach the Oberiss-Kreuz, 1861 m, which invites you to take a break with a small hut in a hollow or can also be chosen as a destination.

We continue to the Kögele summit, sometimes steeper, sometimes flatter along the ridge, until we reach the wooden summit cross of the Kögeles over a last steep step after approx.

another hour.

The descent takes place on the same path.