A long loop incorporating some of the most beautiful trails in Finale Ligure!


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



This loop through the Manie area samples a wide selection of singletrack from smooth to chunky, and it finishes on two of the most beautiful singletrack trails in Finale Ligure! From Finale, head up the highway deep into the mountains.

Eventually, you’ll turn right on an even steeper paved road—here, the climbing begins in earnest! Near the top of the ridge, you’ll hop onto singletrack and stay on trail for most of the rest of the run. After twisting and turning through the trees, you’ll pop out onto an exposed ridge with stunning views of Spotorno and the Mediterranean far below.

And it only gets better from here! Soon, you’ll dive into a flowy, mellow singletrack punctuated by the regular ledge drops common in this area of Italy.

After flying down a series of mellow drops, you’ll work your way over to the edge of the ridge and essentially the end of the mountain range before it plummets into the sea. Once on the edge of the ridge, you’ll pick up the traversing Balcone trails.

The main feature of this run, the Balcone trails traverse across the mountainside above Varigotti and the seashore.

Most of the hillside is covered in low shrubs, affording you expansive views in all directions! You run is now almost over, so savor the incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, the small village of Varigotti below, and the beautiful Italian mountains sloping down to the sea.