One of the very finest couloirs above Roger's Pass


7 - 8









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The Forever Young Couloir is one of the very best classic lines of Roger’s Pass.

A very appealing line, it provides a truly awesome ski descent that is engaging but not extreme.

The couloir itself is situated at the end of the Asulkan Valley and be can skied car to car in a day quite comfortably by fit teams.

Those wanting to break-up the trip and go at a more leisurely pace can stay at the Asulkan Hut which provides rustic accommodation.

Starting at the parking below Roger’s Pass on the Revelstoke side just beofe a huge bend in the road (the start trail to the Asulkan Hut is marked by a sign).

The initial ascent up the long, flat valley can feel a bit of a slog.

Be sure to get an early enough start as the valley can heat up quickly in the springtime and there can be a threat of some overhead avalanche hazard on the return ski back down.

The journey up the Asulkan Valley is nonetheless beautiful and there is plenty of incredible ski terrain in the area.

During the winter months there are steep pillow lines accessible above the valley to enjoy.

The couloir is usually skied in a loop, since it is normally easier and quicker to skin up from behind the hut and up the north facing slopes of Young’s Peak.

Ski crampons can be useful here and some of the skinning is quite steep on the headwall above the hut.

Once on the upper ridgeline and take in the stunning views of the Selkirks from the summit of Young’s Peak.

The entrance is not too tricky to find, but take care entering the line.

It starts as a slight convex roll and can get wind loaded.

The couloir averages around 40 degrees and is a nice skiable width.

Ski out onto the nice rolling slopes below and rejoin the same path in the Asulkan Valley that you previously skinned up.