A hidden gem on an impressive rocky peak.


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Vagakellen is a steep and very rocky peak more known for its alpine rock climbing than for its ski possibilities.

At first glance, it looks highly unlikely there is a possible way to ski anything on the mountain.

However, there is a hidden south facing couloir that is tricky to spot from any angle on land except from the quaint fishing village of Henningsvaer.

The South Couloir is however a great ski line and provides a somewhat exotic and esoteric outing.

Although it doesn't top out on the summit of Vagakallen (the mountain is still awaiting a first ski descent from the summit) the line still offers 500 meters of interesting skiing making it a worthwhile excursion.

With enough snow cover, the first flat section of the approach can be skinned.

Starting initially from Kalle, take the old 4x4 track heading westwards towards to boulder strewn beach.

From a boulder field be prepared for an initially unpleasant climb.

Finding the best way possible, scramble across the boulders and into the start of the couloir above.

Hopefully this will hold consolidated and supportable snow.

Continue to climb the couloir as it snakes around to the right.

Take in the unusual and spectacular setting right above the turquoise blue sea.

Be sure conditions are cold enough since the line is low elevation and south facing.

Ski back down the same way you climbed up.

The couloir averages around 40-45 degrees and is steepest near the top.

A truly unique Lofoten ski experience!