The gnarliest trail system near Seattle.









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It’s impossible to talk about mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest without mentioning Tiger Mountain.

[According to]( local mountain biker Asa, "Tiger Mountain is often regarded as the PNW mountain biker’s mecca.” Tiger Mountain is also renowned as one of the most difficult trail systems in the Seattle Area.

“The trails on Tiger are fierce, daring, and among the most aggressive in the Evergreen State,” [writes]( local mountain biker Chris Daniels.

And the deeper you dive into the trail system, "the more extreme and difficult it gets.” While you won’t find any true beginner trails on Tiger Mountain, you can put together loop combinations of intermediate, advanced, and expert-level difficulties.

The loop mapped here forms a great advanced/black diamond trail combination, but do note that you can ride trails in this network that are both easier and more difficult than the ones mapped here. This route climbs the singletrack climbing trail known as “Master Link,” which eventually connects with a dirt road to reach the top of Tiger Mountain.

After taking in the beautiful views, drop in on Off the Grid and follow it to NOTG, Fully Rigid, and then East Bound and Down.

Alternatively, stay on Off the Grid, take Fully Rigid, and then descend Joy Ride to Northwest Timber.