Tokul's enduro-oriented eastern side.









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The Tokul Trail System is home to some of the oldest mountain bike trails in the Seattle Area.

The [Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance]( says that “some of the trails are locally-famous for their flow or commitment, and a number of other areas - including Duthie Hill - take inspiration from the Tokul East standards: Flowtron 3000, Crazy Ivan, and others.” Many mountain bikers combine the trails in Tokul East and Tokul West into one big ride.

The trails on the East side are more enduro-oriented, and the trails on the West side are more XC-oriented.

Mapped here is a recommended ride combination hitting some of the best trails on just the East side of the trail system. This recommended route is anchored by the Upper and Lower Crazy Ivan trails—a locals’ favorite.

Upper Crazy Ivan begins descending off the top of a ridge through a series of tight, banked switchbacked corners.

The trail tread is narrow and quite steep in places.

As the grade mellows out, keep your eyes peeled for a few booter-style jumps.

The further you descend, the more and more jumps you’ll get to launch.

A few of the jumps drop into sniper landings, but many offer wide-open sightlines, allowing you to set up your landing zone easily.

The further the trail descends, the faster and more wide-open it becomes, leaving behind the brake-clenching steeps of the upper section. The combination of interconnected logging roads, short spurs, and singletrack mountain bike trails can make for a confusing trail network at times.

Hopefully, following the recommended route as mapped here will help keep you on course, but if you find yourself off route but on a really sweet trail, feel free to abandon your plan and enjoy your delightful singletrack discovery! Sources: