An approach trail up the west side of Killington Mountain.


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The Bucklin Trail is one of the most direct approaches to Killington Peak, second only to the Appalachian/Long Trail accessed on US-4.

Starting at a small pull-off in Brewers Corner, this route climbs nearly 2,500 feet in 3.6 miles, then returns the same way.

[This]( source suggests that most hikers will take about five hours to complete the approach, though always factor in some extra time for photos or lunch at the summit—the views are simply stunning. The hike begins with a fairly steady ascent, then steepens about halfway up.

The only trail intersection is with the Appalachian Trail (co-aligned with the Long Trail) near the top, where you'll share 0.1-mile along the same route.

The final 0.2-miles come by way of a spur trail that is rather steep.

Expect a little bit of scrambling, though nothing that requires additional gear.

If you're looking to make an overnight trip of it, Cooper Lodge is near the trail junction with the AT/LT.

"At 3,850 feet, the lodge is the highest shelter on the Long Trail," according to [](

The summit awards epic panoramas—arguably some of the best in the region.

Nicknamed the "Beast of the East," Killington is the second highest peak in Vermont at 4,235 feet above sea level.

From its exposed summit, enjoy views of the surrounding Green Mountains, maybe even as far as the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Adirondacks of New York on a clear day.

Mount Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak, is also visible to the north. While this is a summer favorite, this hike is accessible year-round with the proper gear.

If you're looking to reach the summit without the hike, the K-1 Gondola at Killington operates all winter and on a limited summer schedule, dropping guests just below the peak.

A lodge at the summit also offers food and beverage for those interested. Source: