Countryside stroll at the edge of Vienna’s Woods, with many possibilities for sightseeing, eating, and enjoyment of nature.


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This city hiking trail begins at Sievering, the terminus of Bus 39A.

Start by walking along Agnesgasse, then turn soon onto a smaller road that follows the crest of a hill, through an idyllic setting.

The path is lined on one side by rows of grapes and on the other by shady forest.

You’ll gaze over the vineyards at the town below and green hills beyond. The path then enters the Wienerwald, which is the expanse of woodlands west of Vienna.

You’ll pass a guesthouse then cross a road, and the trail twists downhill for a while before coming to another guesthouse.

From there, cross a field and re-enter the wood on a dirt path, which is often shared with mountain bikers and joggers.

You’ll climb back uphill, away from the road, as the trees become dense enough to muffle surrounding noise. This portion of the trail climbs Hermannskogel, the tallest hill of Vienna.

You can take a short detour to the Habsburgwarte landmark on top, but the Stadtwanderweg does not actually pass over the summit.

Instead, it wraps around the hill, through a patchwork of regenerating forest, mature trees, and grassy clearings.

It descends gradually through this interestingly varied nature, eventually meeting with another road next to the “Tree Circle in the Sky.” This is a nicely landscaped hilltop with a view of distant Vienna.

It’s a leisure retreat for the whole family, with a children’s playground, grassy areas for lounging, and restaurants with sunny, outdoor seating. At this point, you are near the end of the walk, so take time to enjoy the Tree Circle.

From there, the route follows a narrow road through a wooded glen, passing a stone grotto with lush vegetation and trickling water.

Then it comes to Sieveringer Strasse and soon returns to the starting point. Sources: