A high altitude figure-8 ride high in the San Gabriels.


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This figure-8 loop in the Chilao Flats area, incorporating the Silver Moccasin trail, is one of the highest-elevation rides in the San Gabriels near Los Angeles.

While there aren’t any major climbs or descents, the entire ride takes place over 5,000 feet, with the peak elevation reaching almost 6,200 feet! Since this loop is located so high in the mountains, you should always expect inclement weather and plan for the worst.

While the weather in sunny Los Angeles may be beautiful as ever, riding at over 5,000 feet is a completely different story.

Be sure to check the weather, start early in the day, and bail out of the weather looks like it’s changing.

The high altitude of this ride also means that it has a shorter riding season than many other trails in the region.

The upper reaches of the San Gabriels routinely receive snow in the winter, so plan accordingly. Assuming you’ve planned your weather window properly, this sky-scraping ride will reward you with delightful singletrack and stunning views! According to [MountainBikeBill](http://www.mountainbikebill.com/SilverMoccasion.htm), “this is a raw, untrammeled bit of goodness that requires your full attention as it is narrow, steep, and often quite brushy.

It is not a fast ripper trail per se, but it does have its moments.” Some sections of trail are buff and flowy, and others feature waterbar jumps and chunky rocks.

While overall this trail is intermediate friendly, expect some of the rock gardens to pose a challenge! Sources: http://www.mountainbikebill.com/SilverMoccasion.htm