A balance of urban amenities and natural splendor in the diverse district of Ottakring.


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Stadtwanderweg 4a is ideal for those who want city experiences like shopping and dining, along with a dose of nature on the outskirts.

The route begins in the heart of Ottakring, then extends into the Wienerwald.

Though the distance can be walked in just a few hours, it’s best to allow most of the day for this excursion, in order to enjoy the diverse sights and tastes along the way.

From the train station in Ottakring, you’ll first walk along Thaliastrasse, a main street with numerous urban conveniences.

Continuing westward, you’ll pass a large cemetery as the streets become quieter and apartment buildings give way to houses.

In this part of town, you’ll encounter more charming shops and guest houses, as well as a small wine tavern. Soon enough, you’ll reach the edge of town, where the path turns to dirt and dives into the forest.

It then goes uphill, under the soft shade of the canopy, passes a small pond, and eventually comes to a hilltop clearing where you’ll find the Jubiläumswarte lookout.

If it is open, you can climb the winding stairs for a proud view over the distant city and surrounding landscape. From there, the path returns to shelter in the forest and stays there some time, trending downhill and back toward Ottakring.

When it emerges, the route closely follows residential streets for a while then comes to a grand hotel on a hill.

Bypassing this hotel, a narrow road transects a small-scale winery with broad views over rows of vines to the town below.

You can stop for a taste and a rest at the tavern here.

After that, it’s only a bit farther on city streets to the train station where your walk began. Sources: https://www.wien.gv.at/umwelt/wald/freizeit/wandern/wege/wanderweg4a.html https://secretvienna.org/the-story-of-the-jubilaumswarte/