A countryside walk for wine enthusiasts, between inviting heurige and through hillside vineyards overlooking Vienna.


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This city hiking path leads through Vienna’s top wine district.

While strolling through these quintessential Austrian vineyards, you’ll forget completely that you are still within city limits.

The small towns on this side of the river have a unique rural character, and cozy taverns called _heurige_ serve seasonal wine from grapes grown in view of the downtown skyline. Beginning from the tram terminus in Stammersdorf, the hike first follows city streets.

As mapped, it begins on Josef-Flandorfer-Strasse, which has mostly residential buildings.

If you’d rather start your journey among cafés and wine taverns, begin instead on Stammersdorfer Strasse.

The urban setting does not last long, as you’ll soon leave the buildings for open fields where the pavement gives way to a dirt road. In this countryside, rows of grapes stretch away in all directions, and trees line the path.

Soon you’ll arrive at a cluster of small heurige, where the buildings themselves are draped in vines and the air smells sweet of fermentation.

These taverns are some of the best places in the region for tasting young wine and homestyle cuisine.

Most are family-owned, and the wines are produced small-scale.

The selection is always dependent on availability and the season. From there, the road gently ascends a broad hill and remains in the shade of tall trees.

Eventually, you’ll turn again on a dirt road that leads through similar scenery but comes to a small clearing with a brilliant view.

It’s the skyline of Vienna and the profile of Kahlenberg across the Danube. Continue to the top of the hill; you’ll find a large restaurant in a panoramic setting, plus open-air spaces for lounging and a playground for children.

Beyond there, a dirt path leads along the edge of a wood, and gazing over adjacent fields, you’ll enjoy more views of the city in the distance.

The path goes gradually downhill to return to town, passing through more vineyards along the way.

Back in Stammersdorf, you’ll have further options for meals if you still have an appetite, and find shops in which to purchase a bottle of local wine as a souvenir. Sources: https://www.wien.gv.at/umwelt/wald/freizeit/wandern/wege/wanderweg5.html