A diverse mix of nature, history, and cuisine at the edge of the Vienna Woods Biosphere Reserve.


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This city hiking path explores the forested, rolling hills at the southwest edge of Vienna, where the city meets the woods.

In addition to the nature, attractions include old churches, war relics, an ancient quarry, and a smattering of modern additions like artwork and forest restaurants. The walk begins at the tram station on Ketzergasse, a city street from which you can see the forested hill of Zugberg straight ahead.

After taking a narrow side street and passing an 18th-century Catholic Church, the path goes into the woods and up this hill.

Zugberg is a low rise, and merely a preview of the landscape that is to come. The path remains in the forest, dipping down then going back up, deeper into the Vienna Woods.

After trending downhill once more, you’ll arrive at a restaurant called Wiener Hütte, at the edge of a field surrounded by the wood.

It’s an isolated but comfortable location, serving Austrian and international fare. From there, continue downhill through the forest, nearing a residential area.

You’ll pass a tennis club and Stub’n restaurant, then cross a road and enter the Maurer Wald.

As you continue, the scenery alternates from forest to fields, in a countryside mosaic seemingly so removed from Vienna. At one point, you’ll pass a concrete bunker, which is leftover from the war.

A little farther on, you’ll come to a guesthouse only reached by hiking or biking, nestled in the middle of the forest.

It has good food and drinks, outdoor seating, and playgrounds for children.

A short distance away is an interesting historical site–a small quarry used by Neolithic people more than 7,000 years ago. Continue downhill to reach the edge of Maurer Wald, where you can take a short detour to see the unique concrete architecture of Wotruba Church.

The path then returns to the woods in a narrow, quiet valley before returning to town and finishing the loop on city streets. Sources: https://www.wien.gv.at/umwelt/wald/freizeit/wandern/wege/wanderweg6.html https://tramposaurus.com/wanderbares-wien-zugberg-maurer-wald/