Discover the wonders of Treptower Park—from the iconic abandoned theme park to the immense Russian Memorial.


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Treptower Park is a treasure trove of unusual delights: here you’ll come across everything from epic historical sights, quirky sculptures, an abandoned theme park, and even a tiny island.

It’s a sprawling expanse, and this route will take you through everything from its grassy meadows, past the hidden lake, along the river, through the groomed flowerbed gardens, and we've even suggested a place to stop for a Sardinian sweet treat at the end.

To start the run, get yourself to Treptower Park S-Bahn station.

It’s in the east of the city, situated right next to the Spree, and in easy reach of the central districts of Treptow, Friedrichshain, Neukölln, and Kreuzberg.

Leaving the station through the park side exit, follow the footpath in front of you, which will take you through an open grassy area, with the Spree on your left.

Soon you will see a rose garden and water fountain on your right.

Turn right down the footpath into the rose garden, running all the way to the main road Pushkinalle.

Cross the road and take the path directly opposite you, which runs beneath a grand and imposing arch- the entrance to the Soviet Memorial site.

Follow the path, and you will quickly be confronted with the immensity of the memorial, which commemorates the 80,000 Soviet soldiers who were killed in the Battle of Berlin between April and May 1945.

An avenue of weeping willows, giant flags carved from red granite, a centerpiece mausoleum on a hill topped with a huge statue of a Soviet soldier, and the graves of 7000 Russian soldiers all feature in this symmetrically laid out place of remembrance.

Find out more about the history here: Follow the path along the right of the memorial, and then behind the mausoleum hill.

Exit through the gate, and take the footpath by the secluded Karpfenteich lake on your right. **Local’s Tip:** In the summer this is a beautiful spot to relax in the sun (but unfortunately not to swim), as unlike many other inner-city lakes in Berlin, it’s not so well known, and remains relatively quiet, apart from the resident herron, and the regular saxophonist who likes to come and practice on a sunny afternoon! Continue along the path which will bear left, eventually leading you to the corner of the park and Rathaus Treptow.

Turn left at the Rathaus, jumping onto the footpath that leads you back into the wooded part of Treptower Park, all the way to the edge of the Spree.

Turn left and run along the riverbank.

Soon enough, the river bears to the left.

At this point, you will see the abandoned Spreepark on your left.

Originally built as a Soviet amusement park in the 1960s, now it's a colorful, crumbling, and for some even creepy, shell of its former self.

Find out more about its history and visiting times here: Follow the river as it bends around to the left and cross over the bridge on your right, which will take you onto the tiny Insel der Jugend.

There’s not much to be discovered here in winter, but in summer, like a lot of Berlin, the place really comes alive.

There’s a relaxing beer garden, an open-air cinema, and usually many sprawled out, beer-drinking picnickers, pitched up after a short paddle across the Spree.

Do a lap of the island, crossing back over the bridge from which you came, turning right onto the path along the Spree.

This is the last leg: a sprint along the riverside, all the way back to Treptower S-Bahn station.

**Local’s Tip:** Just before you reach the train station, you will pass a series of food huts on your left.

If you want to reward yourself at the end, we recommend trying the Sicilian treats at "Bruschetta Bar Berlin" — fresh ingredients, generous portions, and it’s super delicious! Written by Fionnuala Kavanagh **Sources:**