A stroll on the edge of the city–at the nexus of nature, agriculture, and industry in Donaustadt.


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Stadtwanderweg 10 is the newest of Vienna’s city hiking paths, and also the shortest.

It tours an interesting blend of nature and development on the outskirts of Donaustadt, on the quieter side of the Danube. It begins from the Breitenlee Friedhof bus stop.

The path first takes a tree-shaded lane alongside the cemetery, then crosses a field to join a busier street.

You won’t stay there long, however, before turning on a dirt road with crops to one side and trees on the other.

Beyond the trees rises an artificial hill, which is a landfill, but you’ll soon see how this dumpsite is also being reclaimed by nature.

Next to it is a small wood with two tranquil ponds, which are rich in life.

You can watch for birds or go fishing. From there, the path continues along the edge of a field, beside a fence that guards the landfill.

It then comes within sight of a major road and large shopping center but stays removed on a grassy overpass, then crosses an old railroad and returns to greener scenery.

On a dirt road, it traces the edge of another small wood, at the boundary with agriculture fields.

Then, after joining residential streets for a while, you’ll come to the Norbert-Scheed Forest, where you’ll encounter the overgrown ruins of aged infrastructure, as well as a small lake.

From there, it’s only a short distance to Breitenleer Street and back to the starting point.

This street has at least one restaurant and a bakery, in case you crave food or a drink after your hike. Sources: https://www.wien.gv.at/umwelt/wald/freizeit/wandern/wege/wanderweg10.html