A long and very panoramic tour in Simplon


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



A long loop tour with departure and return at the foot of the famous Simplon Hospice. Going up the soft slopes that lead to the Hopsche huts keep the east direction pointing to the wide traverse that can be observed from the start.

At an altitude of 2165, start the stretch across the southern slope of the Tochuhorn.

Reaching an altitude of 2348, the itinerary joins the opposite side of the valley and from here a wide channel opens, without too much steepness (also may be considered for the descent).

Now go north-east along wide and gentle slopes.

Especially in winter this stretch is particularly beautiful thanks to the remote and often completely whitewashed environment, which gives oneiric sensations. Reached the Useri Nanzlicke go up the evident north ridge that leads to the Spitzhorli. From here descend either along the ascent route, or from the east side if conditions permit (pay attention to the stability of the snow). Returning now to the wide plateau, point to the western ridge of the Tochuhorn, sharper than the previous one and with the possibility of forming frames especially in winter. Go up the slope to the summit cross and then descend along the ascent ridge. From here you can go down to the starting point or, having reached the channel of altitude 2348 heading south you can enjoy excellent skiing from the east side of the Straffulgrat.

From here go up to the villages of Blattu and Kopur to the starting point