The second obvious line down Elation Ridge, and the beginning of the larger cliff bands.









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On the official map for Mirkwood Basin, Monarch Mountain simply labels the entire northern, south-facing ridge of the basin as “Elation Ridge,” and then leaves it at that.

With that amount of minimal marking, you’re pretty much on your own to find the best line down the ridge.

Here, I’ve chosen to break Elation into four different lines: [Elation Ridge Trees](,-106.3397973,978.3458401,-51.4826056,-57.2380553,3544.9629953,normal), [Elation Ridge 1](,-106.3400278,1182.8262014,-14.3861199,-56.3140095,3493.7640761,normal), [Elation Ridge 2](,-106.3384513,2365.9512337,-20.0000000,-56.3140095,3530.3001130,normal), and [Elation Ridge Cliffs](,-106.3397973,978.3458401,-51.4826056,-57.2380553,3544.9629953,normal). To find Elation Ridge 2, cross through the Elation Ridge gate and drop down the top of the ridge, trying to stay high and on top.

Look for a cat track or a traverse line, and follow it down the ridge.

Soon, it should begin climbing a short ways up the secondary knob.

If skiing, stay clipped in and skate up a short ways, before veering right for the second obvious line down Elation Ridge. Elation Ridge 2 signals the beginning of the more technical zone on the ridge, with bigger cliff bands predominating the face.

You’ll still find plenty of skiable lines in between the cliffs, but ride aware as you shred.

If it looks like the earth is about to drop away in front of you, it probably is! If, however, you’re looking to get sendy, Elation Ridge 2 and Elation Cliffs is arguably the best spot on the mountain.

While the south-facing aspect means that the snow conditions don’t stay as soft once the warm sun hits it, the wide-open landing zones here just can’t be beat!