An alternative, technical descent to the first part of Fast Wood.


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This trail offers a very technical and fast alternative descent to the initial section of Fast Wood, starting from the top of the Olympique gondola.

On this trail, you can expect rough and rocky terrain that is more technical than the terrain you'll experience on the Fast Wood Trail.

It is a very difficult and technical downhill track that's mostly machine-made, but still has a few naturals parts.

The high alpine landscape in this area is rugged and barren, and you may find it a challenge to hold on! You'll get the chance to try some pretty severe man-made gap jumps and drops—they're guaranteed to test your skills! Or, you can take the optional ride-arounds to avoid the difficult features.

Along the way, there are also natural trail features to test your skills. The views on the way down, if you get the chance to look up, are beautiful.

At the end of this trail, hop on Fast Wood and continue following that trail.

There is another optional, more technical alternative section called "Bellev'hard Bottom" towards the end of Fast Wood. The park lifts are open from the end of June to the end of August.