A big day out through some of the finest scenery in Austria.


6 - 7









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Starting and finishing in the beautiful and deep Halltal valley, this is a classic hike which requires a head for heights, some occasional easy scrambling and a good level of endurance.

The pay off for having those things is that you can experience the wilderness and beauty of the Karwendel range - the largest uninhabited area in the Alps and one of the most scenic mountain ranges in Europe. The day starts with a bit of a slog up the road in the lower section of the Halltal from Absam village, and although it's possible to get on and off this a couple of times and get yourself onto some sections of path, the fastest way to get it done is to stick on the road.

After about 45 minutes on the road, cross a river to the right and get onto a small path.

Follow this up to and then up a scree slope.

From the scree slope onwards the hike feels wild and remote.

The section on the scree slope ends when you cross the slope and reach a slightly exposed traverse across a rocky ledge system which is protected by a cable in places.

Once off the ledge system, follow the small and often steep path that zig zags up to the Bettelwurf Hut via some short sections of scrambling. The hut is incredibly well situated and is perched in a seemingly impossible position above some cliffs.

There's a great selection of food and drink served at the Hut so grab a bite to eat and soak in the breathtaking views across the Karwendel mountains and down to the (now distant) Inn valley far below. From the Hut, make a long and utterly spectacular traverse across scree slopes to the Lafatscher Joch - a broad col with epic views in all directions.

Descend from the col down into the upper reaches of the Halltal and then continue down this back to the carpark in Absam.