A fast, flowing trail from the top of the Borsat lift to the bottom.


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This fast, flowy trail starts right from the top of the Borsat lift and runs all the way to the bottom.

The top half has quite a wide trail tread.

It's filled with braking bumps due since it's heavily-trafficked, but the trail is still a lot of fun.

Expect the top section to be rockier because of the high alpine terrain, as well as its popularity.

Lower down, you'll find some nice jumps (with ride round options) and good berms to rail.

If you'd like, pause halfway down on the plateau to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can also turn to the left to head down Tarentaise Airline and a few other trails into Tignes le Lac.

Carrying on down the Blue Lagoon descent, you'll reach a fast, flowy section with a fun wooden drop-off and several small tabletop jumps.

All jumps have ride-around options if you don't like getting air. The lower half of the trail doesn't get much traffic, so it is often in very good condition later in the season. This trail is graded a "Blue" route by the Bike Park so beginners could nicely progress to this after the easier "Green" routes.

More advanced riders will enjoy railing this route with speed and fluidity.