A stunning and non-technical trip to a couple of lovely mountain huts.


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If you like cruising around jeep tracks, dipping in and out of forests with the sun on your back, this is the trip for you.

It starts in the Innsbruck suburb of Hungerburg which can be reached by bus, the Nordkettebahn train or, for the really keen, pedal power! This route is ideal for those pulling a trailer with some kids in it because it is almost all on perfect tracks and doesn't feature too much uphill slogging.

Start by crossing the carpark at the foot of the Nordkette cable car and then following a jeep track east-northeast as it climbs through lovely forests.

The track is clear and well signposted all the way up to the famous Arzler Alm mountain hut.

Once there you'll find a warm welcome, good food and drink, and a petting zoo for the kids.

Carry on along the track you arrived on and climb up another lovely and well positioned track towards the Umbruggler Alm.

About 2/3 of the way to the hut the trail begins to descend gently and winds its way to the Alm itself.

The hut was only built a few years back and it's a nice combination of traditional and modern.

It's also got an epic terrace and is a great spot for a drink. Go about 50 metres further on from the hut and then drop down onto a zig zag track which drops through the forests and past some gorgeous, tucked away houses in the trees.

When the track hit a t-junction, hang a left and go down a track back to Hungerburg.

This final section of track is the only part of the trip which is even vaguely technical - it's a bit narrower than a jeep track and goes over some brief bumpy sections.

Once back at Hungerburg, roll down the road and into Innsbruck.