A BIG ascent to do in one day, but the remoteness and views of this valley make it all worthwhile



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Tucked away in the Aspiring National Park, Homestead Peak sees less visitors than many of its neighbouring peaks, but that doesn’t mean to say that this still isn’t a classic ski touring peak, accessible in a (BIG) day from Raspberry Flats carpark. Take the Rob Roy Track for around 2 hours, crossing over the swing bridge to begin your ascent through the trees as the path winds its way slowly up the valley towards the foot of the Rob Roy Glacier. Reach the snow line to put your skis and skins on and start the ascent up to Homestead Peak.

A lower snow line makes this trip easier as fighting your way through the bush is a struggle at best – in a low snow year the bush whacking is relentless! Things become much easier once you’re above that horrific bush line and you can make a steady ascent up to the col between Homestead and Rob Roy peak, which gives fantastic views over to your north east. From the col, ascend gradually to the 2020m summit of Homestead Peak, with views up to the Aspiring range and back down to Wanaka. The ski back is fantastic, with a perfect setting as the Rob Roy glacier watches over you.

It’s never too steep so you can just let the skis run and take in the vista around you. Once you get to the end of the snow line, you’ve then got the long tramp back to the car and a well earned rest!