Acting as a transition trail to Tignes, this is a nice and flowy track with a gentle slope and some jumps.


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This amazing trail acts as a great transition between the trail systems offered at Val d'Isere and Tignes.

It is a nice and flowy open run with a gentle slope, super-fast berms, drops, and easy tabletop jumps (with ride-around options) to fly off in the pastures.

Whether you ride it fast or slow, this track is so cool! You will experience great views throughout the trail, but especially as you drop down into Tignes. The bike park grades this a "Blue" trail.

The trail is wide, easy to follow, and has been well-groomed and well-ridden.

The area is very open and dusty in the summer when there is normally a lack of rain.

There are some easy rocks and boulders to ride, but it is mostly smooth and a lot of fun. To get to the Tarentaise Airline Trail, access the Tovière area via Borsat chairlift.

Begin by following the "Blue Lagoon" trail then take "Sweet Sweet" to reach the start of "Tarentaise Airline." Eventually, the trail will join "Kangooride" trail to take you to Tignes resort. The park lifts are open from the end of June to the end of August.