The longest trail in the Tovière area of the bike park, this is a flowy and playful track with lots of berms and jumps


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Gunpowder trail is the main and longest track on the Tovière side of the bike park.

The trail begins from the Tovière summit, accessed by the Tovière Gondola or Tufs Chairlift, and it drops all the way to Tignes Val Claret.

Graded "Blue" by the park, this is a fun, long, sweeping, flowy, and playful singletrack trail with lots of berms and a few jumps/drops (with ride-around options), without too much steepness.

For riders with some experience, this is a great trail if you are working to improve.

You will get a chance to really practice railing bermed turns, and even have a try at some of the small jumps if you wish. Expect mostly smooth, groomed trail, but with some rough sections in places.

The trail is very easy to follow and allows access to Kangooride, Funky Tufs, Gypsy, Moustache, Borsattack, Wild 10 Nez tracks, and more. This beautiful trail allows plenty of opportunity for fabulous views if you take the opportunity to stop and admire them.

Otherwise, you can just get the sense of the high alpine location as you blast down the mountain. Pick, choose, and session your favourite sections of track! You can even turn off onto the Funky Tufs "Red" trail to test its final section! The park lifts are open from the end of June to the end of August.