A Tignes Bike Park classic—as hard as you want it to be.









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Kangooride is a Tignes classic—this trail can be as hard as you want it to be.

Are you a near-beginner? Smoothly ride down, enjoying the swoops and whoops of the many deep berms.

Are you an advanced rider? Smash the berms at high speed and fly over all the tabletop jumps.

Kangooride is home to tons of playful jumps (with ride-around options) and big banked berms, using the natural features of the "Tufs" part of the mountain.

The trail runs underneath the Tufs chairlift.

The trail is mostly groomed and smooth, but with some rough sections and high banked berms. There are several places to rest, if needed, as the trail splits a few times on the way down, but remember to stay off the trail for fast riders coming down. To get to Kangooride, access the trail via Tufs chairlift from Tignes Val Claret or Tovière lift from Tignes Le Lac.

Begin by following the "Gunpowder" trail. If traversing from the Val d'Isere side of the Park, "Tarentaise Airline" will end midway through "Kangooride" to deliver you to Val Claret. The park lifts are open from the end of June to the end of August.