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The starting point is Frasco (885 m) in the Verzasca valley, which can be reached by car or bus.

The trail starts above the Albergo Efra and leads into the valley of the same name.

The Albergo Efra was built in 1930 and for a long time it was considered the only tourist infrastructure in the whole valley.

It usually accommodated guests from England at that time.

You first head for the Alpe Efra (1686 m), from where you reach the small lake (1836 m). The elevation gain is 962 m.

The path is not difficult, but it calls for good footwear.

The Capanna Efra (2040 m) is 30 minutes from the lake.

The Valle d'Efra offers many other trails: the Gagnone (2214 m) and Rampi (2366 m) passes lead to the Leventina valley. You start from near the parish church in Frasco (885 m) by following a minor asphalt road through the hamlet of Scimarmota, where a forest path on the right-hand bank of a little stream (the Riale d'Efra) leads up to the Monti Montada (1196 m).

Numerous bends lead through the forest up the mountain to the Corte di Fondo (1686 m) to finally reach the Alpe d'Efra. The Alpe d'Efra benefits from a spring where you can quench your thirst.

A panoramic trail leads briefly southwards over the pastures to Lake Efra (1836 m).

From the lake, you head north-east between pastures and rocks for half-an-hour to the Corte di Cima and the Capanna d'Efra (2039 m), which is managed by the Verzaschese hiking association.