Although the tour in the Verzasca valley appears flat, in reality it is a varied route with numerous ups and downs. The route runs from south to north along the river - great for refreshing yourself in the pools. Along the way there is much to see, including the stunning Verzasca dam, Lavertezzo bridge and numerous villages and picturesque passageways.


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You can start either from Mergoscia (735 m) or from the Verzasca dam (478 m).

If starting from Mergoscia, you reach Corippo (563 m) on a path about a hundred metres above the reservoir, then descend to the Bivio di Corippo.

The second variant from the dam negotiates various parts of Vogorno on a long path through the forest before returning to the forest and finally reaching the Bivio di Corippo.

From there, follow a flat path to the village of Lavertezzo (536 m), famous for its double-arched bridge and wonderful green pools. You penetrate further into the valley to Brione (756 m) on a path transformed into the Sentiero per l'arte (art path) a few years ago, which still features a few sculptures by contemporary artists.

The selection of works is varied in terms of style, technique and materials (ceramics, wood, metal, glass and stone).

As was envisaged, some of the sculptures have "merged" with nature, while others have retained their original state. The path continues between old buildings and chapels to the last village - Sonogno (917 m).

This route features wolf traps installed only recently.

Sonogno is home to the House of Wool and ethnographic museum, where the history of the valley and its chimney sweeps is preserved.

The return leg from Sonogno is by PostBus.