Hike on the Glyndŵr's Way, a 217 km long long-distance hiking trail in the heart of Wales.



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The interior of Central Wales is characterised by lush green meadows, forests and the gentle mountains of the Cambrian Mountains.

In 9 daily stages you hike the 217 km long route, which runs from Knighton at the English border in a wide arc to the west coast and then back to the English border to Welspool. The trail is suitable for all hikers who have a solid basic condition.

The terrain is often hilly and on each stage of the day you have to conquer some meters of altitude.

Our route also often takes us through sparsely populated land, which can sometimes be rough and remote.

You should therefore have the appropriate map material and navigation tools with you. The Glyndŵr's Way can be walked all year round - but in winter you should pay special attention to the right equipment, as the climate can be very harsh. equipment Trekking backpack (approx.

50 litres) with rain cover, sturdy and comfortable footwear, changeable shoes/sandals if necessary, weather-adapted and hard-wearing clothing in multi-layer principle, changeable clothing if necessary.

Telescopic poles, sun and rain protection, provisions and drinking water, first aid kit, pocket knife, mobile phone, headlamp, map material, travel documents, toilet bag and travel towel, washing powder and clothesline, camping equipment (tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, cooking equipment) if necessary, hut equipment if necessary.