A theme hike from the Grüneck mountain station with many interesting stops to the middle station of the Golmerbahn Matschwitz. You'll pass through different alps and huts worth seeing.


Analysing terrain data

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A *artistically staged theme path with 13 locations* with unusual insights was created.

At these locations you will encounter unexpected objects designed by *Montafon artist Roland Haas*.

These sculptures invite you to marvel, marvel and reflect on ways of life and work and at the same time tell stories from the Montafon and from alpine culture.

QR-Codes and "Muntafuner Originals" will help you.

(Scan QR codes and load map onto your mobile phone) *Sculptures by the way. * 01 The entrance gate * 02 Alpine myths "The Myth Tree" * 03 Water & Alpe "First clue" * 04 Shepherd's life "The Watcher" * 05 Alpe & Tourism * 06 Forest brace "The second clue" * 07 Cornmeal life "The Tribune" * 08 Cornmeal wall "The wardrobe stand" * 09 Natural hazards "The avalanche buck tree" * 10 Alp story "The Battle of Spora" * 11 Alpinism * 12 Life and work on the stofel, "The cheese harp." * 13 Alpe & Hunt "The Antler Tree" equipment Hiking shoes with good profile (ankle-high shoe) and hiking poles.

On hot days, headgear and sun protection are recommended.