The Härmelekopf's steep North couloir is a true Tirol classic.









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This is a line that is just begging out to be skied and you can't miss it from the foot of the Härmelekopfbahn cable car.

As you ride that lift up to the start of the line you'll also get a good look into the route and will be able to study the details of it as you pass overhead. Begin by heading east out of the top station of the Härmelekopfbahn and make a somewhat exposed traverse across and into the main couloir.

Once in the couloir it's pretty tough to get lost! The skiing is pretty steep as first so concentrate for the first few turns and try not to think about your audience of skiers watching you from the cable car! The line leads you down, via some great tight turns, to the tree line and the couloir opens up into a gully and mellows as it hits the tree line.

It's possible to ski just about anywhere in the trees but don't drift too far from the main gully - there are a few cliffs about and you don't want to miss the track that leads back to the pistes.

Just keep with the gully and you'll gradually be pushed left onto a track that takes you skier's left down towards a river.

Cross the river and carry on down the (usually moguled) track and it will lead you down to the Verbindungsabfahrt piste and then the Rosshütten Express chairlift.